Thursday, August 26, 2010

Donald Bren Sued for Child Support

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Bren is being sued in the California Courts by his grown children for child support. 22 year old Christie Bren and 18 year old David Bren have sued him for $400,000 per month in retroactive child support, dating back to the date they were born. His adult children are now asking for $100 Million dollars.

The strangest part of the case is that Donald Bren and his ex-lover had drafted and executed four different contracts over the years for the support of the children by Mr. Bren. The last agreement provided for $18,000 per month for both children.

So, it will be interesting to see what the Court will decide. California has different law then New York, but I would be surprised if the children receive anything other than money not paid and owed as a result of the past private agreements executed on the children’s behalf.

In New York, the Court would note that the Mother could have come to Court and had a court order child support. Whatever her motives were for not doing so, she chose not to in this case. In fact, the parents did exactly what the New York Courts prefer they do, they exercised their right to make a written formal contract between themselves agreeing to a certain amount suitable for the children. The Court in New York would also note that the oldest child, Christie Bren, is already 22 years old and thereby barred from seeking any further child support. In New York child support is owed up to the age of 21 regardless of whether the children are in college or not, unless agreed upon differently by the parents.

With regard to the youngest child, the Court in New York would either decide that the father has to abide by the support agreement until the child is 21, or decide a different amount based on actual income of Mr. Bren and make a child support order until he turns 21. However, in California I believe parents only must pay child support until 18, so I really don’t understand why these children would receive any more child support.

Should the laws be different for parents who are extremely rich or protect children of extremely rich parents more than other children? Should these children get a penny more than the money not paid under the parent’s private agreement up to the age of 18, or age specified in the agreement – Not in my opinion.

What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

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